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The Audi S6 for Sale Offers a Thrill Ride You Will Want to Take Again and Again

Constructed for Speed and Safety, The Audi S6 Controls the Road

Ahead of its class in luxury, performance, and technology, the Audi S6 stands out in every crowd. Boldly contoured, this masterfully appointed vehicle boasts luxurious leather seats and surfaces and an array of stylish wheel options to select. The exterior shines with xenon headlights, running lights, and taillights designed to charm.

Swift and agile, S6 is constructed with aluminum body panels to reduce body weight and comes with occupant safety in mind. The Audi S6 was crafted for faster acceleration, shorter braking distances, and sharper handling in a vehicle powered by twin turbochargers that provide 450-hp with 406.b-ft of torque, which will get you from 0 to 60 in about 4.4 seconds. Quattro all-wheel drive lends stability for safe cornering in all weather conditions.

When you see the Audi S6 for sale at DCH Millburn Audi, you will soon understand why technology lovers gravitate toward this model. Night vision assistant with an infrared camera and thermal imaging technology available helps you see farther down the road in low-light situations and can help alert you to pedestrians and larger animals within 300 feet. The head-up display helps you keep your eyes on your lane by providing speed, navigation and assistance information in your windshield.

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