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Are your Audi Tires Ready for a NJ Winter?

January 21, 2016

Why Audi Winter Wheels are Worth It 

All that snow may have looked lovely on your Christmas cards, but it's a little trickier up close. Snow and ice on roadways can make for hazardous driving conditions, and the cold temperatures and wet weather can be damaging to your car. Not so lovely now, huh? If you drive a new or certified pre-owned Audi in New Jersey and want the safest ride available, it's time to look into a tire inspection to make sure your rims and tires are up to winter driving - and, if they're not, to replace them with genuine Audi tires that offer the smoothest, safest winter driving.

Why should I get an Audi tire inspection?

Tires wear out in ways that aren't always obvious to the untrained eye. Uneven wear on the rubber puts you at risk for blowouts when weaker parts of the tire fail. While a blowout is dangerous any time of year it is particularly dangerous in the winter, when slippery roads make it all the more difficult to stay in control of your vehicle. Worn-down tires also lose definition in the ridges, which can lead to decreased traction in slippery conditions. Even small amounts of wear can drastically reduce your car's grip on a snowy road, making braking difficult and downhills downright dangerous. Even old tires that aren't at risk of blowing out can slowly leak air, making your car less fuel efficient and harder to control. A tire inspection at an Audi tire center will identify these problems before they become hazards. That means having your worn-out tires replaced in the safety of an Audi service center in NJ, rather than the middle of a snowy freeway after a blowout!

What makes a good winter tire for NJ drivers?

In general, winter tires are more rugged than all-weather tires. The materials are sturdier, deeper grooves offer better traction, and protective coating helps to avoid damage from cold temperatures and moisture. There's a visible difference between all-weather tires and winter tires, no matter what the brand. If you drive an Audi, however, you are always better off choosing Audi tires. As well as being designed to handle the specific weight and balance of your particular vehicle in order to ensure even wear that won't result in blowouts, Audi tires, as with all genuine Audi parts, are made with the same precision and quality materials as Audi vehicles. Designed for optimal performance in 45º or lower temperatures, Audi tires are coated with multiple layers of Audi's proprietary protective paint, preserving the tires' integrity in hazardous conditions without losing traction on ice and snow. If you need to drive during NJ's volatile winters, it's worth paying the money for the tires that will give your car the best coverage on hazardous roads, and those are the tires designed specifically for your Audi.

You may be ready to hit the roads this winter, but are your wheels? Backed by a skilled team of Audi technicians, DCH Millburn Audi is your go-to for year-round Audi service. Contact us, or call 877-959-8282 to learn more about our Audi winter tire and wheel packages!