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Choose Audi Care to Keep Your New Audi in its Best Possible Condition

July 16, 2015

When you purchase a new Audi at DCH Millburn Audi, you might not think about scheduling your first maintenance appointment that same day. But did you know that you could choose Audi Care, and save hundreds of dollars over your car's life on recommended maintenance?

Maintain the quality, appearance, and style of your Audi with a certified Audi Service Center.


Audi Care covers all the routine manufacturer recommended maintenance that your Audi needs to keep its ride incredibly smooth from 15,000 to 45,000 miles. The program is accepted at all authorized Audi service centers--such as DCH Millburn Audi Service Center. If you choose to enroll in the plan the same day you purchase or lease your Audi, you can roll the cost of the maintenance plan right into your financing. 

When you purchase or lease a new car, of course you want it to feel brand new as long as possible. Routine maintenance is the easiest way to do that, but every so often it gets pushed to the side, forgotten, or it is too expensive when you actually need it. By paying for it ahead of time, and wrapping it into your monthly payment, you know that you'll be able to get your car the service that it needs when it needs it. 

Whether you're taking your Audi to the shore or into the city, keep it running smoothly without overpaying. By choosing the Audi Care plan, you're protecting yourself from inflation, as well as changes in your own income. You'll never need to avoid the regular maintenance that keeps your car healthy in the long term because of temporary fluctuations in your income. This means that your Audi will stay in excellent condition for years to come, serving as the reliable vehicle that you need. 

If you plan on keeping your Audi for a few more years, the Audi Care Select plan offers a range of options that can help protect your car in the middle years of its life. Much like the Audi Care plan, there are several options for protection from 35,000 to 85,000 miles.

When you make the investment in an Audi to combat the hard streets of New Jersey, choose DCH Millburn Audi, and choose the Audi Care or Audi Select Care plan to make sure that your car stays in good repair for many years to come. At DCH Millburn Audi, our goal is to make your leasing or purchasing visit as simple and efficient as possible. Call us today to schedule a test drive! 

Treat your vehicle to the Audi Care that it deserves!  Schedule a service today, contact us or give our Audi Service Center a call at 888-599-3380.