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  • Al Khouri
    General Manager

    As the General Manager, Alfred Khouri assumes responsibility for the entire dealership. He is a seasoned veteran with over ten years of experience, and he leverages that experience to keep the dealership ranked amongst the top stores in our region for sales, service, and customer satisfaction.

  • Rui Tome
    General Sales Manager

  • Giuseppe Sasso
    (Audi Top 10) Audi Brand Specialist

    Giuseppe Sasso, who everyone calls "Joe," was born in Naples, Italy. He speaks fluent Italian, and loves all things Italian - especially the culture and the food. Joe has been in the Auto industry for over 20 years, and with DCH Auto Group for over ten. He is an avid car enthusiast and enjoys watching Formula One Racing and Soccer. On the weekends, he enjoys spending time with his family and friends.

  • Leo Yam
    (Audi Top 5) Assistant Sales Manager/Audi Brand Specialist

    Consistently ranked among Audi's top 5 brand specialists in the country, Leo Yam has made thousands of Audi enthusiasts very happy. As Assistant Sales Manager for the dealership, Leo takes on the responsibility of managing the inventory, training the sales staff, as well as selling cars. As a photography hobbyist, Leo enjoys being outdoors with his son and wife, while taking digital pictures for his portfolio. Leo and his family reside in Millburn, NJ.

  • Don Kim
    (Audi Top 100) Audi Brand Specialist

    A current resident of Bergen County, Don has lived in NJ all of his life. On his off time, Don spends time with his wife and is an avid sports fan and car enthusiast. He enjoys traveling, and hopes to continue to explore new and exciting places.

  • Jake Auslander
    Preowned Specialist

    Jake Auslander is the Preowned Specialist for DCH Millburn Audi. Jake, a seasoned veteran, started in the car business over 20 years ago. On his days off, Jake enjoys spending his free time watching movies, car racing, and going fishing.

  • Joe Hodczak
    Audi Brand Specialist

    Joe Hodczak, a DCH Millburn Audi Brand Specialist, has been with DCH Auto Group for nine years. He is of Polish decent and speaks fluent Polish, as well as some Russian and German. In the dealership, Joe is known for his technical knowledge of the Audi vehicles, and not only is he knowledgeable about Audi, but he also owns an Audi! This year Joe purchased a 2009 Audi A4 quattro®, which he loves to drive. On his off days, Joe loves to spend time with his daughter or go to the beach.

  • John Fitzgerald
    Preowned Specialist

    John Fitzgerald, also known as "Fitzy," is a Preowned Specialist at DCH Millburn Audi. With over 40 years of Auto Experience, John has held the titles of General Manager, Sales Manager, Preowned Manager, amongst others. John offers his experience and knowledge of the business for all the Audi Brand Specialists, to help keep the dealership successful. John is an avid historian and political buff. In his spare time, John enjoys reading books.

  • Erik Cotos
    Audi Brand Specialist

  • Olga Cotos
    Internet Sales Manager

  • Anthony Lento
    Audi Brand Specialist