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More for your Money: The Audi A6 vs. Mercedes E-Class

December 15, 2016

Even New Jersey car buyers who put quality at the top of their list keep value at the forefront of their minds. When comparing the most highly ranked vehicles, many find the Audi A6 and the Mercedes E-Class to be top contenders, offering luxury, style, and safety. While neck-and-neck, we’re proud to say 2017 is the year that the Audi A6 is coming out on top, especially when it comes to getting the most bang for your buck. To see for yourself just what the Audi A6 has to offer over the E-Class, take a look at a few of the following specs and feel free to schedule a test drive to experience them firsthand.

Impressive Fuel-Economy for the Audi A6

Reviewing gas mileage is a benefit for both your wallet and the planet. While each of these sedans will get you where you need to go on as little fuel as possible, this is one category that the 2017 Audi A6 clearly comes out on top. Boasting up to 24 city and 34 highway MPG, you’ll be amazed where you can go on just a single tank, whether navigating the crowded streets of northern New Jersey or the wide open roads in the southern half of the state.

Interior and Exterior A6 Styling

2017 is shaping up to be a great year for tri-state area car buyers who are looking for something as visually appealing as it is powerful. The strong lines and sleek finish on the A6 will let you take to the road in style. Meanwhile, premium leather seating and an array of high-tech tools will let you enjoy your trip in the lap of luxury. When it comes to getting the most for you money, these models will let you ride in style without breaking the bank.

Safety Features of the Audi A6

Each of these vehicles makes safety a priority, earning a five-star NHTSA rating for their overall performance. However, the Audi A6 comes in with a few additional safety features that will maximize control and performance in all situations. One of the most appealing differentials for New Jersey drivers is Audi’s renowned Quattro system, making all road travel easy, whether faced with snow or ice.

All This and More at Affordable A6 Pricing

At the end of the day, the bottom line is where many buyers have their eyes firmly fixed. In this case, Audi A6 pricing takes the lead with an MSRP as low as $47,600 compared to the Mercedes E-class’ $52,150. And while fetching a substantially lower price, the A6 also comes through on quality, making it the clear pick for Garden State car buyers in the upcoming year!

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