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Service your Audi, Just in Time for the New Year

November 20, 2015

Prepare your Audi for Winter with a NJ Audi Service Center

Audi has a deserved reputation for building cars that are elegant, sturdy, and built to an exceptionally high standard of quality. If you're an Audi owner in NJ and your car needs servicing, don't just take it to the no-name garage on the corner. To maintain the quality that Audi put into your vehicle when they were assembling it, rely upon the expert service of a specialized Audi Service Center! After all, that's the only way to ensure that your car is getting the quality treatment that Audi itself would provide.

An Audi Specialist has Access to the Best Audi Parts

After-market products exist for most technology, with cars being no exception, and they are usually designed to fill a gap in usability or to cut costs. However, these parts often lack in quality. Just as you shouldn’t buy a cheap and generic replacement battery for your smartphone, you shouldn't have your car repaired with parts that weren't specifically designed to be used in your car. A NJ Audi Service Center can source replacement genuine Audi parts directly from the suppliers that put the original parts in your vehicle. If those parts aren't available, they know exactly which parts have been certified by Audi to be used in your specific vehicle, whether new or previously owned. You don't have to worry about a replacement part causing problems if it's a part designed to go right where your Audi service technician is installing it!

An Audi Service Center can Prep your Car for Any Weather

New Jersey winters can be rough: they go from temperate to biting cold in a heartbeat, and snow, sleet, and rain can make any roadway treacherous and unpredictable. Whether you rely on your Audi for your daily commute into the city or to cruise along upstate woodsy back roads, you need your car to be in the best possible shape so that you can safely handle whatever freak weather occurrence mother nature may decide to throw at you.

While any reputable mechanic will be able to give your Audi basic preparation for winter conditions, only an Audi specialist will know exactly how your car's parts react to changing temperatures and harsh weather conditions. Brakes and batteries are particularly prone to failure in the winter, so you should ensure that your brake changes and battery checks are being performed by technicians who know your car inside and out and who have access to the best parts for your particular vehicle. Safe and efficient tires are also crucial to help you navigate snow and icy roadways. The team behind our NJ Audi Tire Center will be able to ensure that your vehicle's tires will provide the traction that you need to get where you need to be throughout the season. 

Let us give your Audi the best treatment so that you can handle the upcoming winter weather with style. Visit NJ’s leading Audi Service Center today and benefit from a number of ongoing service specials! To learn more or schedule a service appointment, call our service department at 888-569-8935 or schedule your service online.