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Turbo Charged S3 at your NJ Audi dealer

July 08, 2015

Your Audi dealer in NJ has the latest information on all things Audi. In recent news, the stylish and turbo charged S3 is not only turning corners with ease, but turning heads as well. The 292-hp sport sedan has had some recent upgrades to its curves, bringing a whole new meaning to the word beauty. To schedule a test drive a vehicle in our new or pre owned inventory, contact us today.

Wanna spice up your commute? The new Audi S3 is packed with power

The new Audi S3 is an “in your face” sports sedan that’s more aggressive than the redesigned A3. With 292-horsepower and standard all-wheel drive, the S3 also has a new look with bulging wheel arches containing bigger tires that put real power on the ground. The exterior looks very good and the smaller size really suits the design.

The Audi S3 is louder. It has a turbocharged four-cylinder engine and a quick shifting six-speed S tronic transmission. You can let the car shift or use the steering wheel paddles to shift yourself. There’s no manual transmission offered in the S3, which might be a downfall for some drivers. You’ll notice some turbo lag if you cruise before hitting the gas pedal.

The S3 is a sport sedan, so don’t expect a luxury car ride. You notice the bumps a little more, but you get a firm ride. With all-wheel drive, it’s sure-footed on dry and wet pavement. The $1,400, 19-inch performance package has larger wheels. The Audi Magnetic ride adjusts the suspension depending how you want to drive.

The interior isn’t flashy, which is good. The A3 is simple and businesslike, and the bits of chrome and aluminum look cool on the air vents. The back seats don’t have much legroom, but the leather comfortably holds you in place. The flat bottom steering wheel is just the right size and feels cozy in your hands.

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