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DCH Millburn Audi has cars with great fuel economy with cars having the best gas mileage on the market.

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Ever mindful of the concerns over fuel economy and green technology, Audi is proud to introduce Audi TDI® clean diesel technology engines to its USA lineup. Audi TDI means enjoying a new kind of driving pleasure with a clear conscience, knowing that you’re driving one of the best cars for gas mileage on the market. Explore Audi TDI models at your NJ Audi Dealer

Whether you’re taking long trips or running errands around town, Audi TDI-equipped vehicles offers increased fuel economy without sacrificing performance. Audi TDI features hybrid-level efficiency without its disadvantages, combining efficiency with sportiness and superior luxury, all while protecting valuable resources.

In actual customer operation, fuel consumption by TDI vehicles is as much as 40 percent less than that of comparable vehicles using the gasoline engines regularly used in North America. This level of fuel economy will make a significant difference for you if your business takes you on the road a lot, or if you ferry children back and forth to school and extracurricular activities. Additionally, this emission control system reduces not just particles but also nitrogen emissions by up to 90 percent and thus fulfills the world’s most stringent emission standard, California's ULEV II or California's LEVII ULEV.

The TDI engines from Audi are superior engines that feature commanding performance and dynamic power. Thanks to their extremely low consumption levels and their proliferation, TDI engines have become the most successful efficiency technology in the world. When driven under realistic, mixed driving conditions, TDI cars are not only the best gas mileage cars available, they also generally beat comparable models with hybrid drives.

The outstanding efficiency of Audi's TDI engines benefits the driver of an Audi Q7 TDI 3.0, for example, when it comes to saving money and when it comes to covering long distances: With its 26 gallon tank, the car can cover more than 600 miles on a single fill up, saving the cost, time and the annoyance of extra stops at the filling station.

The Audi Q7 TDI 3.0 with the ultra-low emission system will initially be available, soon to be followed by the Audi A3 TDI 2.0 clean diesel in the fourth quarter 2009 as a 2010-model year vehicle.

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